Elliott Family History

Remembering Private Elliott

On this Remembrance Day (Veterans Day, U.S.), I want to pay tribute to my great-uncle, James Harvey Elliott, who was killed in action August 9, 1918 while fighting in World War I. Three months later, the Armistice was reached that ended the war.

Pvt. Elliott served in the 5th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment). Elliott was part of the advance on the Germans by the 2nd Canadian Division and tanks at the Rosières-en-Santerre, the Somme, France, which took place during the overall Battle of Amiens that pushed back the Germans and turned the tide of the war.

Born in 1887 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, Elliott had moved to the Canadian prairie, near St. Walburg, Saskatchewan to homestead. Although the U.S. had not yet entered the war, Elliott chose to answer the call to duty for his new country. He joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 232nd Battalion, on April 3, 1916 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and went to Europe to defend the Allies. In November 1917, he suffered a gunshot wound to his shoulder. After recovering from hospital in England, Elliott bravely rejoined the 5th Battalion in France.

Pvt. James Harvey
Elliott is buried at Rosières Cemetery in France.

Please visit his Canadian Virtual War Memorial at http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/collections/virtualmem/detail/314382


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