Mayflower, New England and Yankee roots

A trek back through American history

I discovered the incredible story of an Revolutionary War soldier named Anthony Carter/Antoine Charier, who grew up in Canada, with French Canadian and New England roots. Even more incredible was that his family was among those taken captive in the Deerfield Massacre of 1704, including the remarkable tale of “The Ransom of Mercy Carter.” Read the story here


When History Collides: My Mayflower Cousins

On my mom’s side of the family, my grandpa’s grandmother, Alice (Warren) Johnson Beatty opened the door to finding some very interesting genealogy. She was a descendant of Richard Warren and the Edward Fuller families who arrived on the Mayflower. Alice’s grandfather, Alanson Warren, who came to Michigan in the 1830s, was a third-cousin to Lucy Mack Smith, the mother of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith Jr., and to Oliver Cowdery, his scribe for the Book of Mormon. Read the story here


“If These Stones Could Talk…”

In October 2012, the city of Marshall, Michigan celebrated the lives of three pioneering women, including Susan Warren Hill, wife of the legendary Samuel Worth Hill. Read the story here


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